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Vanpools are a great option if you travel to work on a set schedule or if you are commuting from locations with limited bus access. They have flexibility and convenience of a car, but with reduced costs and access to the HOV lane.

The van’s fuel, insurance, and maintenance are covered so you can get on the road to work!  If there isn’t currently a vanpool going your way, it’s easy to set up a new vanpool at your worksite.

Vanpool Basics

  • 5-15 people ride together in an agency provided van
  • Users decide on route and schedule: you can meet at a location near your house, or be picked up at home
  • Vans can use the HOV lane and tolls are covered in the fare
  • Fare is based on the number of days & miles traveled (average $100/month before subsidies and incentives)
  • Vanpool drivers can use the van for personal limited use outside of commuting
  • Many vans also have bike racks

Sample Vanpool Costs

Your vanpool fare depends on 3 factors

  1. The number of miles you travel
  2. The number of people in your van
  3. The number of days a week you use it to commute

Generally the more people you have in your van, the less your cost.  Costs go up the number of miles and days a week you travel, but is still substantially less than driving alone.

Sample Monthly Costs to Join a Vanpool:
Number of Miles
Monthly Cost to Drive Alone*
Monthly Vanpool Fare (5 days week/5 passengers) 
Monthly Vanpool Fare (5 days week/10 passengers) 
Vanpooler Annual Savings
Go Redmond Subsidy**
Your Employer Subsidy
West Seattle to Redmond (~20 miles)
$230 $85.80 $46.30 $2,224.80 $50 Varies
Snohomish to Overlake (~25 miles)
$287.50 $96.60 $52.30 $2,835.60 $50 Varies
Auburn to Redmond (~30 miles)
$345 $107.20 $58.30 $3,446.40 $50 Varies

*Use federal estimate of 57.5 cents/mile, driving 5 days a week, does not include tolls or time lost sitting in congestion
**Go Redmond subsidy is for the first 6 months of a new vanpooler ($300 total)


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Finding a Carpool or Vanpool Guide, Translated

Vanshare & MetroPool

Does the bus not go all the way to your worksite? Vanshares & MetroPool can help!

Vanshare vans or the all electric MetroPool cars are parked at transit centers so riders can meet at a central location, then travel together the last few miles to work. The vehicle can be used to grab lunch or run errands during the workday, and then returns to the transit center at the end of the day.

Vanshare & MetroPool Basics

  • 5-15 riders
  • Meet at a Park & Ride, Commuter Station, or ferry terminal
  • For less than 20 miles roundtrip
  • $175/month fare split between riders, and subsidized by Go Redmond and potentially your employer
  • Emergency Ride Home


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New Rider Subsidy: $50/month for the first year when you join a vanpool

Rider Recruitment Bonus: Recruit a new vanpooler and receive $35 reward

Driver Bonus: $100 reward after completing six months as a driver

Be entered into monthly drawings after logging your trips on Go Redmond's Commute Calendar