You've seen the vans on the road, find out more about how they work!

Vanpool FAQ's

How much will a vanpool cost?

Your monthly fares depend on how many miles you're traveling, the number of people in a vanpool, and how many days a week you're traveling.  

If you're traveling about 20 miles in a 5 passenger van, 5 days a week your fare will be around $86 a month.  With the Go Redmond subsidy of $50/month, your out of pocket expense is less than $40!  (Compared to driving alone which will cost you $230/month). 

Visit the Go Redmond Vanpool page for more example fares.


Where does my vanpool meet and at what time?

Where and when vanpools meet is up to the vanpool users to decide!  They often will meet a park and rides near the riders homes.  Times are set by the rider's work schedule.


Do I have to do it everyday?

Nope! Your fares either pay for up to 3 days a week or the full 5 days. If some days you need to drive alone or you telework, that's OK.


What happens if I need to get home in the middle of the day or unexpectedly change my schedule?

King County Metro vanpoolers are eligible for an Guaranteed Ride Home.  If you need to get home if your child is sick, or if you need to work late and the van's already left, you can take a taxi home and be reimbursed for the cost.


Do I have to pay tolls when I'm in a van?

Nope!  Tolls like on the 520 bridge or the 405 Express Toll Lanes are covered by your fares.  Fuel, insurance, and maintenance is also covered by your fares.


How many people are in the van?

Vanpools can be formed with anywhere from 5 to 15 people.


Can I bring my bike?

Some vans do have bike racks, or you can request a rack be installed on your van if needed. 


Sounds great, how can I find a vanpool?

Check out the Go Redmond vanpool blog post here about finding a van for you!


Finding a Carpool or Vanpool Guide, Translated