Carpooling has all of the benefits of driving alone, but is faster, saves you money, reduces your environmental impact, and lets you bypass all those pesky tolls & gridlock.

Go Redmond can help connect you with other professionals traveling to work on your schedule and on your route with our ridematching program.

Find a Carpool Partner

The Go Redmond ridematching program will find people who live in your neighborhood, work near you, and want to travel around the same time as you do. 

You can look for carpool partners for 1 day a week or 5, making it totally flexible to your schedule.  

You and your carpool partner get to decide where to meet, what radio station you’re going to listen to, and whether or not you converse before you get your first cup of coffee down the hatch.

Using Go Redmond's Ridematching.


Carpooling App: Scoop

Scoop is a carpooling app available to people commuting to Redmond that can give you options on how, when, where and who you carpool with.  Through your smart phone, you can find a flexible carpool that works for you.

The Basics of How Carpooling Apps Work

  1. Request or offer a ride
    • Set different times for different days 
    • Offer to drive or ride depending on your schedule
  2. Meet your carpool at the designated time and location
    • Carpoolers are a community of colleagues and neighbors
    • You'll ride together to your destination
  3. Pay (or receive payment) through the app
  4. Rate the driver or rider


Finding a Carpool or Vanpool Guide, Translated


Using the 405 Express Toll Lanes

Share the ride in the 405 Express Toll Lanes to earn rewards!

Get in the Express Toll Lanes & Earn Rewards

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