2 Line will give riders a fast, frequent and reliable connection between the Eastside's biggest population and employment centers and destinations.


2 Line Construction

2 Line construction is underway! While this new service will provide connections to regional job and population centers, Eastside commuters will experience commute challenges during construction, especially those using park & ride lots to connect to transit and other ride-sharing services.

King County Metro has commute planners and resources available to help you find new parking options, bus routes, or carpool and VanShare opportunities:

Sound Transit has the most up to date information on the construction and events surrounding the construction of the East Link Light Rail.  Find out more at their project information page.

Sound Transit's East Link Light Rail Project Information Page

City of Redmond East Link Light Rail Project Information Page

Overlake Transit Center Park-and-Ride Closure

During construction the Overlake Transit Center Park-and-Ride will be closed.  This closure is expected to last six years. Sound Transit has worked to open alternative Park-and-Ride lots in the area that will be served by the same routes that currently serve the Overlake Transit Center.

Overlake Transit Center Parking Replacement Map

East Link Park and Ride Construction Options

Existing Park and Rides

Go Redmond Alternatives to the Overlake Transit Center Closure

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