#GoGREATER this summer when you choose to travel by foot, bike, or transit!

The weather is finally getting nicer and daylight is stretching until after 9 PM! With summer on the horizon now is the perfect time to explore commutes and trips that let you leave your car at home. Go Redmond has everything you need to #GoGREATER and take a vacation from your car!

Ride Transit Month

If you've ever needed an excuse to try the bus June is the perfect opportunity to ride transit. June is Ride Transit Month, a time to celebrate YOU, our community of riders who are helping Washington State lead the nation in ridership. 

Take the pledge with Transportation Choices Coalition to show your support for public transportation by riding transit three times during June –​ it's quick, easy, and enters you to win great prizes!  Whether you are a regular rider, or just getting started, you deserve to get rewarded. And, when you ride transit for your commute and log four days of trips into your Go Redmond Calendar you are entered to win neat prizes including $25 gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, or Panera (just to name a few).

And for a limited time you can Try the Bus on Us!

Tour de Redmond

Have you been looking for a way to get a little more exercise in your day? Biking to work is a great way to combine commuting and physical activity. If you've been looking for that nudge, sign up now for Tour de Redmond

Tour de Redmond Summer Bicycle Commute Challenge runs every June and July and is free to participate in for all who live or work in Redmond. One recorded ride qualifies you for a free shirt, chances to win prizes and entry into the Award Ceremony on August 8th.

You can bike to work one day, everyday, part of the way or all of the way! Find the route that works best for you.


Learn More about TOUR DE REDMOND

Go Redmond has loads of resources to help you get on two wheels.

It really is easier than ever to #GoGREATER and take a vacation from your car! But, don't just take our word for it. Check out these real testimonials from commuters like you:

"I #GoGREATER because there's no better way to finish a long day at work than a relaxing bike ride home on a beautiful summer day. Especially now that the 520 bridge is open, the trip will be an awesome way to unwind and get in a workout while keeping my car off the road. The public transit system in Seattle and Redmond is really great and easy to use as well. The routes are really convenient and the schedule is great, even with my extremely early start to the day. I am really excited for summer" - Chris

"I #GoGREATER by riding the bus to and from work everyday. It's better for the environment, allows me to relax or work while on my commute, and means I don't need to deal with having a car in the city." - Jennifer

"I #GoGREATER each day by walking 1 mile and then riding the bus downtown to my office.  I get a chance to clear my mind and not worry about the stress of driving downtown." - Ryan

"I #GoGREATER by riding my bike to the 520 bus stop in Seattle three days a week, then taking the bus across the water into Redmond’s Microsoft campus. By riding my bike I am able to get to the closest bus stop. It’s over a mile from my house, so my bike makes it possible to get there quickly. I enjoy the fresh air and exercise while riding my bike in the morning and evening as I come to and from the bus stop. Riding the bus allows me to do my part to keep our air clean." - Emily

It's the perfect time to ditch your car and combine walking transit, biking, carpooling, or whatever methods work best for you. 

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