Teleworking, shifting travel times, and compressed work weeks will all help alleviate congestion during the viaduct closure.


Avoid a commute all together and get work done at home.  Studies even show teleworkers are more efficient than their at work counterparts-just be sure to set yourself up for success before you start working at home.

KCLS Invites You to Work From the Library

Shifted Travel Times

If you have to drive alone, try avoiding peak times (typically 6 AM to 10 AM and 3 PM to 7 PM).  Not only will it speed up your commute, it frees up space for others who can't shift their schedule. Grab dinner with a coworker or friend before heading home at some of Redmond's restaurants to avoid the evening crunch.

Compressed Work Week

A compressed work week allows you to work a full 40 hour week in fewer days. These longer days will add up to one full day where you don't need to travel into the office.


You work four, ten hour days instead of the traditional five, 8 hour days, getting one day less of commuting each week.


80 hours of work are spread over nine days, so you will take 1 extra day off your commute every two weeks.