Telecommuting can increase your productivity, especially when you keep these tips in mind!

Create a designated work space

Starting your day in your dedicated workspace like your home office or at a desk-instead of on the couch- will get your mind into "work mode".  You'll be better able to stay focused and productive.

Stick to a schedule

Pick a start and end time for your work day and stick to it! Even carving out how much time you're going to spend on certain projects will keep you from wasting time. If it's not your typical 9-5 schedule, be sure you've let your coworkers back at the office know.  Which brings us to the next tip:

Stay in contact

Before you leave for your telework day, make sure your co-workers know where you'll be and the best way to reach you.  If your desk phone is being forwarded to your cell phone, make sure it's within easy access.  Staying available by instant messenger or Skype are other great ways to make working remotely as productive as being in the office.

Ignore the household chores

Checking things off the 'honey do' list is not what your telework day is for. Do not plan on doing laundy or even looking at the dirty dishes in the sink.  These are just ways to procrastinate and will sap your productivity.  

Add your telework day to your Go Redmond Calendar

Teleworking is a commute mode on Go Redmond that counts towards our monthly reward drawings.  Not only that, but when you add your telework days to your Go Redmond calendar you can see how much money you're saving and pounds of CO2 you're keeping out of the atmosphere by not commuting.