2018 Go Redmond Incentives

Greetings, and happy new year! Whether you are a long-time trip logger or just setting up your Go Redmond account for the first time we are pleased to announce that our drawings and prizes for smart commuting in 2018 are better than ever.

This year, make it part of your resolution to give the environment- and your wallet a little boost! In 2018 we’re making it easier than ever to get started with an ORCA card, find a ridematch or start commuting to/from work (and getting exercise) on two wheels.

It doesn’t take much to do your part to help reduce congestion and make the roads better for everyone. Would you believe that one trip a week where you don’t drive in your car alone helps? Even better, there are plenty of non-SOV options to choose from!

  • Biking

  • Carpool

  • Vanpool

  • Transit

  • Walking

  • Telecommuting

  • Condensed work week (Yes, this one counts too!)

New to the Go Redmond calendar? It’s super simple. Once you create an account you can pick from the icons on the left-hand side to record how you commute to and from work. If you find you are always repeating the same schedule, there is a “Trip Log Template” option for easy logging.

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take much to enter our monthly drawings! Just 4 smart commute trips a month and you’re entered. This could be one time a week, an entire week of carpooling, or whatever you choose. It only takes 4 smart commutes to enter the drawings for incentives and prizes and we do a new drawing each month so you have plenty of chances to win (and just as many chances to win again and again).

Winners are notified by email at the beginning of each month, and able to choose the reward of your choice. In 2018, rewards include anything from a Starbucks gift card, ORCA credits, or even REI and Uber Eats gift certificates and more. Feeling charitable? You can donate your winnings toward a $25 bus pass for a Redmond resident in need.

Start 2018 off right and resolve to commute smarter! It’s easier than you think. Go Redmond has everything you need to get started, keep track of your trips, and be rewarded for your efforts.