Steps to Find a Carpool Partner:

Note: This is also how you will set up your account to add trips to your commute calendar.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on ‘Ridematch’ and ‘My Trips’, then click "Add Trip"

3.  Click on ‘It’s My Commute’ and ‘At least once a week, on a schedule’


4.  Enter your home address, work address, schedule, and preference for carpool partners then hit ‘Save’

You can make this information private if you don't want others to request a ride from you.


5. Your ridematches are shown! Look at all those potential matches (and how much you’re spending to drive alone…one way!). Send a message, or 10, to those other user who match  your commute and see if they’d like to share the ride.


6.  Once you've taken a trip with your new carpool or vanpool partner, start adding those trips to your calendar to be entered into drawing for prizes and to watch your impact add up!



Finding a Carpool or Vanpool Guide, Translated

Find a Carpool