The proposal to fund light rail expansion from Overlake to Downtown Redmond is up for discussion. The proposal would include a station in SE Redmond with 1,400 parking stalls.

Sound Transit 3 has a slate of projects for potential funding that will be proposed under a November 2016 ballot measure.  These potential projects came out of feedback received from the public over the summer.

One project that is being looked at for further study is extending the East Link Light Rail from Overlake to SE and Downtown Redmond.

This proposed expansion would be 3.7 miles in length and include 2 new stations, with trains leaving about every 6 minutes.  Early studies anticipate there would be between 8,000 and 10,000 daily riders.

The elevated station in SE Redmond would include a 1,400 stall parking garage. Both stations would include bicycle and pedestrian facilities and be integrated with bus routes to further expand the alternative transportation network in Redmond.

The Sound Transit Board of Directors anticipates releasing a draft ST3 plan for public review and comment in spring 2016. Public input will help the Board shape the final ballot measure that will go to voters in November 2016. 

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