Well...at least they are 95% of the time.

Not only are cars driven around mostly empty and about 1/3 of the time they are driven for trips that are less than a mile, but your car is parked for 95% of it's life.  

So, can we make our most popular transportation mode more efficient?  

Live "Car Lite"

  • Swap out those short, less than 1 mile trips with walking or biking
    • 1 mile on a bike takes about 6 minutes
    • 1 mile walking is about 20 minutes.
      • It is less than a mile to walk from the Redmond Library to the Redmond Town Center (and you won't have to look for parking)
      • Check out all the benefits of walking
  • Try transit:

    • You may be surprised how easily you can get around without your car once you get in the habit of using transit.
    • Some apps to help get you started on transit
  • Get in a vanpool

    • As a vanpool driver you have access to the van for some personal trips, which could help you give up your own personal vehicle.
    • Share the ride on the way to work will help others make their trips more efficient.

Share the Ride!

  • Try car sharing with businesses like ZipCar
    • Redmond has ZipCar locations, as do many of our neighboring cities!
  • Finding a Ridematch on Go Redmond lets you find other people who live near you who are willing to share the ride to get to work and events.
  • iCarpool is Real-Time, flexible ridematching.  Download the app to get in a carpool when and where you need it.

There's more than 1 way to go in Redmond, and many of your options are much more efficient than driving!