Run a ridematch search on Go Redmond and make your results public to earn a $20 REI gift card!

Which came first, the ridematch or the carpool?

In order to have ride match options for our Go Redmond participants, we need to have our participants run a ridematch!

If it's been awhile since you've used our Ridematch function, we encourage you to go back and try again! We have so many new users and a lot of people actively looking for someone to carpool and vanpool with on 405.  

Now, when you set up a ridematch (or run a search for matches and make it public) you'll earn a $20 gift card to REI.

How to Run a Ridematch:

  1. Sign in to your Go Redmond account
  2. Navigate to "Ridematch/Manage My Trips" on the top menu
  3. Click "Add a Trip"
  4. Enter your commute details
    • Where it says "Who Can See This Trip?" be sure and click Everyone to make it public and to earn your reward
  5. Click "Save"

You'll now see if there are any potential carpool or vanpool partners for you.  Feel free to contact these people and see if they're interested in sharing the ride (and avoiding tolls, saving money, and earning rewards from Go Redmond!).

If you don't have any matches yet, there may be someone coming soon who runs a public ridematch and sees your profile and reaches out to you to share the ride, so keep your information up!