We're answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the 405 Express Toll Lanes.

How are toll rates determined?

Tolls are dynamically priced, which means they change based on demand.  So on a morning with light traffic, they may cost less.  But on days with heavy traffic, in order to keep the toll lanes moving at at least 45 miles per hour, the toll rates will increase.  

The price you see when you enter the lane is the price you'll pay-even if the rate goes up while you are traveling in it.

Check out the WSDOT website to see the current toll lane rates.


Who can use the Express Toll Lanes for Free?

3+ person carpools, vanpools, and buses can use the lanes for free during weekday commutes between 5am and 7pm. If you are in a carpool or vanpool, you must have a Flex Pass set to HOV mode in order to ride for free.

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On weekends, during off peak hours, and during major holidays the express toll lanes will be open to all with no Flex Pass required.  These will be clearly marked.  


How much will you pay to use the 405 Express Toll Lanes?

The tolls you will pay are clearly displayed on the reader board above the lanes.  The amount you pay is the rate you see upon entering the lanes.  

Are there different toll prices? It is showing you the Destination Toll Rate or the rate you would pay to travel to the different junctions along the corridor (you do not add the rates together).

 If the dynamic tolls go up while you are in the lane, you will not pay more.  

The signs will also clearly state how many occupants you need in your vehicle to travel for free when you have your Flex Pass set to "HOV".  (A good rule of thumb is during peak commute hours you will need at least 3 people in the vehicles).

You can find out the current rates for the Express Toll Lanes here or watch this short video:



Can you cross the double white line to enter or leave the lane?

No.  There are designated access points along the Express Toll Lanes that are reserved for entering and exiting.  Crossing the double white lines is illegal and could result in a $136 ticket.

Check out WSDOT's interactive I-405 map to plan your trip and learn about the entry and exit points.


What kind of pass do you need to use the toll lanes?

The best pass to use is the Flex Pass, which can also be used on the 520 bridge and 167 Hot Lanes.  The flex pass allows you to travel in the lane as a paying car and also ride in the lane for free as a qualifying carpool.  

When you are carpooling with the Flex Pass you will just slide the Flex Pass over to "HOV" to not pay the toll.  

Your Good to Go sticker can also be used in the Express Toll Lanes but, you will need to pay the toll even as a carpool.

If you don't have a pass, you can pay by mail for an additional $2 per toll.

During off peak hours, weekends, and major holidays no pass is required to use the lanes.  


Where can you buy a Flex Pass?

Flex passes are available at some retail outlets like QFC and Fred Meyer, the full list of where to buy is on the Go Redmond blog.  You can also buy them online at MyGoodToGo.com


Where to find more information.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has more information on their website and a hotline to call with any questions at 1-866-946-8246.  The WSDOT blog is a great resource for information and updates to the toll lanes.