New Carpooling Matching Options for Commuters

Whether you always opt for a smart commute or need a nudge to try a mode (like carpooling) we’d like to share with you a great new option for getting around.

Have you ever wished you could combine a network of people like one in social media with the usefulness of a traffic ap to find the perfect carpool partner? Now you can! If you’ve always wanted to share some of your commuting costs but haven’t had luck finding a carpool buddy, this new tool might offer a solution to your concerns.

Finding a carpool through an ap like Waze is an excellent option because it allows users flexibility.


You can also:

  • Spend time with people you enjoy – You choose the people you carpool with based on profiles, ratings, and customizable filters like same gender or coworkers only

  • Get there faster in HOV lanes – With real-time traffic updates and access to the HOV lane, you’ll get the fastest routes around the Puget Sound region.

  • Reduce your commute costs – Sharing the ride means sharing the cost. Riders pay for an affordable ride, while drivers get money back for gas.


Here’s how it works:

Waze Carpool suggests commuting partners based on where you and your ride matches work and live, and allows only between one and five minutes of added commute time.

Passengers build profiles for themselves with photos and information about employment (verified by Waze via email). In-app chatting allows potential matches to vet each other, and a five-star rating system allows commuters to give feedback on one another.

The platform splits trips by days, so you can plan commutes up to seven days in advance and account for changes in schedules, such as late meetings.

Users also can switch between being a passenger or a drive.


With so many smart commute options there is no need to sit in traffic, alone. Carpooling is a time and money-saving way to get to work, and with aps like Waze it is easier than ever before to find a match and get going!

Finally, you can invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers through the Waze Carpool referral program, and get rewarded for your efforts! (And Bonus! Record each carpool on your Go Redmond calendar for even more chances to get monthly prizes!)

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