Try out Scoop or Waze Carpool apps with discounts from King County Metro

Great news! For a limited time, King County Metro is sponsoring carpooling trips for all King County commuters! This means lower costs when you ride, and an even higher reimbursement when you drive, plus bonuses when you refer a friend. With these special incentives and flexible, easy-to-use carpooling apps, upgrading your commute is easier than ever.


A mobile app that finds you the most efficient carpool match, lets you schedule individual trips for maximum flexibility, and facilitates payments from riders to drivers.

  • Service area: Residential areas across King County and select work areas
  • Scheduling trips: Separate scheduling for morning and evening trips. Schedule your morning trip by 9:00pm the night before. Evening trips can be scheduled until 3:00pm on the same day. You'll be notified of a match a few minutes after each matching period.
  • Cost for riders: Variable, viewable before booking
  • Driver reimbursement: Variable, viewable before booking
  • Incentives: For a limited time only, Metro will provide discounts for riders and higher reimbursements for drivers. The application of incentives may vary based on your employer’s partnership with Scoop.
  • Choice of carpool partner: Scoop's algorithm automatically matches you with another carpooler based on the most efficient trip.
  • Safety features: Motor-vehicle history check for drivers, required photos, phone verification, monitored feedback, and optional coworker/Facebook friend filter.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: If you carpool in the morning as a rider and are not matched in the evening, Scoop will cover the cost of your alternate transportation home. More info here.
  • Languages: English

Waze Carpool

A mobile app that lets you choose from the most efficient carpool matches, lets you schedule individual trips for maximum flexibility, and facilitates payments from riders to drivers.

  • Service area: Washington State
  • Scheduling trips: Up to one week prior or in real time. One to two days in advance is recommended.
  • Cost for rider: For a limited time only, $2 for all rides starting or ending in King County. Costs are always viewable before booking.
  • Driver earnings: As much as $0.54/mile with occasional bonuses available. Viewable before booking.
  • Incentives: For a limited time only, $2 flat-rate trips for riders and a $20 bonus for new riders/drivers when referred by a friend.
  • Choice of carpool partner: Choose between matches or filter for co-workers, same gender or private groups.
  • Safety features: Photo, rating, optional same-gender/coworker filter, social profile links
  • Guaranteed ride home: Not through app, but available through Metro's Just One Trip program.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew

Avoid the stress of driving alone – download the Scoop or Waze Carpool app today. Find out more at