Now is the Perfect Time to Try a Bicycle Commute!

#GoGREATER and Get Creative with Your Commute

May is Bike Everywhere Month so there is no better time to explore a bicycle commute than right now! Swapping a traditional, drive-alone commute for a bike ride is a great way to avoid sitting in traffic, get exercise and save your wallet.

Biking is also a neat way to get creative with your commute! Don’t live directly next to a bus line that takes you straight to work? Try biking to a transit center! You can either park your bike there and retrieve it on your way home or put it on the bus. Not sure how to put your bicycle on a bus? We have a video for that! (Also, at Bike Bash on May 18th our partners at GRTMA will have a booth with a portable contraption that will let you “practice” putting your bike on the bus).


Commuting Smarter and Commuting Happier

Going Greater means finding a commute that utilizes smart, flexible, and most importantly non-driving alone transportation options- and feeling better because of it! Whether you appreciate the savings to your bank account, a reduction in stress from sitting in traffic, the bonus of exercise from biking or conversation with shared riders there are so many reasons (and options) to #GoGREATER. At Go Redmond, we know all the benefits (and resources for biking) but you don’t have to take our word for it. Last month we asked hundreds of commuters how they utilize smart commute options to #GoGREATER.  

The following are just a few of our favorite stories from commuters who choose bicycling as their favorite way to #GoGREATER:

“I combine bus and bike for my daily commute.  I get to read my book while on the bus, and get amazing exercise on the bike.  Commuting through the winter has made me tough.  Sitting in traffic is just crazy!”
“I've been commuting on my bike from Seattle to Redmond for work. I take the 520 trail to the Cross Kirkland Corridor before I get into Redmond. These bike trails are well maintained, safe and easy to ride on. I spend very little time on main roads so there is never any worry in my commute. Since I ride across the 520 bridge now, I also get to skip the toll! If there wasn’t enough reasons already, this one is a huge money saver. Overall, this keeps me fit and healthy.”
“I #GoGreater because there's no better way to finish a long day at work than a relaxing bike ride home on a beautiful summer day. Especially now that the 520 bridge is open, the trip will be an awesome way to unwind and get in a workout while keeping my car off the road. The public transit system in Seattle and Redmond is really great and easy to use as well. The routes are really convenient and the schedule is great, even with my extremely early start to the day. I am really excited for summer”


“I take the bus and/or ride my bike whenever I can from the U-District over to Redmond. It's really convenient and flexible for my commute. Just doing my part in staying fit, reducing carbon waste, saving costs and enjoying the outdoors.”
“I #GoGREATER by opting to ride my bike to work instead of driving alone. I love how the buses have bike racks for when I need a quick lift.”
“I am so excited to #GoGREATER and bike to work! During the winter months, my husband and I carpool together since we both work in Redmond. During the Spring and Summer months I'm looking forward to breaking out the bike and enjoying the beauty of nature while commuting!”
“I bike to the bridge, then toss my gear on a shuttle to get across the water.  Fresh air, plus convenient delivery to work.  Best of both worlds!”
“When I commute to work by bike, I arrive relaxed and ready for the day. And all day, I look forward to my ride home as opposed to when I drive I dread fighting traffic.”  


When we asked commuters how they #GoGREATER, many responded that biking, or a combination of biking and transit helped them to not only feel better by getting fresh air and exercise, that they actually looked forward to their cycling commute. Bike Everywhere Month is a great time to try biking as a commute. If you would like to gain a little confidence in your bike skills, Go Redmond has Adult Bicycle Classes scheduled through September with a few spots left! And as always, log your bicycle commute trips in your Go Redmond Calendar for a chance to win great rewards each month.