Go Redmond wins award at the 2018 ACT conference for our work in commuting options, bicycling category.

At Go Redmond, we love finding the right commute options for every individual. We do it because it helps keep our air clean, our roads less congested and our community happy. From carpooling to walking, transit to bicycling there is more than one way to get around and we do our best to bring you programs, information and incentives that make your commute easier and happier. 

Biking is a fun way to combine getting to work with exercise, a great way to enjoy beautiful Redmond trails, and a unique way to particpate with the community at all ages. We were recently winners at the 2018 international ACT conference for the Commute Options- Bicycling category.

Partners with the Tour de Redmond challenge, Ride Amigos released this piece about all the cool programs other award-winning organizations across the world are doing to get cars off the road. (See, it's not just us but we are mentioned a few paragraphs down) check it out!

Taken from the Ride Amigos blog:

On August 1, the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) hosted its 2018 international conference. This year’s gathering was held in Anaheim, California, and during the event, 15 individuals or organizations received awards for their outstanding achievements in transportation demand management (TDM). 

First, the Parking Services division at California State University-Los Angeles copped a Marketing and Outreach award for its successful efforts to promote alternatives to solo driving, implement forward-thinking commuter projects and policies, and reduce the local environmental impact of commuting.

Next, the City of Austin Smart Commute Rewards program earned an award in the Commuting Options category. This program allows city employees in the fast-growing city of Austin, Texas earn rewards for logging commutes with solo driving alternatives. The program’s manager, Tien-Tien Chan, said, “We are honored to be selected for this award,” and added that, “I find it immensely valuable to see how other companies and jurisdictions are creatively tackling the problems that we all face.”

Third, Go Redmond won in the Commuting Options – Biking category. The initiative is a partnership between the Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association (GRTMA), King County Metro, and the City of Redmond, and it aims to increase bicycle ridership year-round as a commuting alternative. Go Redmond also provides a wealth of informational resources to people and organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint while embracing smarter transportation alternatives.

Finally, the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Transportation department captured the Commuting Options – Public Transportation award for its intensive efforts to make public transit, cycling, carpooling, and vanpooling more accessible to its commuter base of 80,000 staff and students.

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