"Overall I found it improved my life, so I keep doing it."

Kevin Engelbert



Tell us a little bit about how you usually get to work.

I drive from my home (with my road bike in my car with me) in Mukilteo to Canyon Park P&R and catch the 532 express to Bellevue TC.  

I then catch the bus to Overlake TC, which is very close to my office. I walk or ride my bike to my office about ½ mile away from the Overlake TC stop.  

On the way home, I ride my bike down the 520 bike path to Redmond, and then take the Sammamish River trail north all the way to Bothell, and then ride up highway 527 back to my car at the Canyon Park P&R and then drive home from there.  

What’s the best part of your commute now that you don’t drive alone all the time?  

Without a doubt, the bike ride is the best part.  I’d be stuck on the 405 anyway at that time of day, so why not get a workout, enjoy some scenery, and decompress from the stress of the day in the process?  

Surprisingly, I have come to enjoy the ride home even during the winter when the solitude, (yes) darkness (I ride with plenty of lights) and (get this) wildlife are plentiful. 

What made you decide to start taking an alternative commute?

A few factors induced me to ditch my car.  

  1. Wasted time and money in a car on 405.  
  2. Frustration of dealing with other drivers.  
  3. The opportunity to trade time, money and frustration for a great workout (not too long and not too short…something I can do every day without over-exercising).  

Plus, I’m now off of my blood pressure and cholesterol medicines and my numbers are great.  

What suggestions do you have for someone who may be thinking of trying biking/walking/carpooling/bus?

Just do it once.  Then look at the positives, rather than the negatives, of the new commute.  Overall I found it improved my life, so I keep doing it.  

What’s the most interesting or unique thing you’ve ever seen on your commute?

Once an owl took flight from the top of a sign next to the bike trail, and flew along with me for about 200 feet, until I shined my 250 candela bike light at him/her, which likely scared him/her away.  

On another occasion, I saw 2 owls fighting overhead in the dim twilight.  The screeching is what caught my attention, but then they dove down next to the Sammamish river right next to me during what appeared to be a maneuver where one owl was evading the other.