Let's celebrate International Walk to School Day on October 2nd!

Prepping for after school dance class, packing school lunches, and tracking down retainers are just a few daily tasks that we know make up the morning of a school parent. Adding any extra steps to the daily morning routine can be a headache at first, but when those changes can positively impact your health and the environment it’s a win for everyone!

October is Walk to School Month and the Redmond SchoolPool Program is challenging families to drive less. For every calendar that gets turned in with at least 1 bike, walk, bus, or carpool trip logged, you can raise money that goes straight to your school or PTSA.

If you were thinking about ways to try to incorporate walking, biking, or carpooling to school into your morning routine, but don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions that can get you started!

  • Start small! Any change to your travel behavior is a step in the right direction. This doesn’t have to be an all or nothing commitment.
  • Park and Walk! Rather than driving the full distance to school, you can find a remote parking lot or easy parking space and walk the remainder of the way.
  • Start creating good habits! Wearing safety gear, walking on sidewalks, and looking both ways when you cross the street.
  • Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train! While this can take some time to form, the idea of rotating which adult leads the group could help free up some time for busy parents and also form a great bond with neighbors.
  • Walking to other activities outside of school hours! Maybe it’s a trip to the grocery store, or even to a friends’ house. Changing up your typical pattern will help establish and familiarize your family with the concept of reducing trips.

We are so excited to for Walk to School Month and can’t wait to get the challenge rolling. If you have any questions please email RedmondSchoolPool@Redmond.gov