Go Redmond had a series of adult cycling classes to help students learn to ride safely and with confidence.

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With the help of our great instructor, Brian Watson, Go Redmond hosted a series of bicycle education classes for adults this spring and summer.  These classes proved to be incredibly popular with over 80 students signing up to take the classes.

Students learned skills to ride safely-from the basics of helmet fitting to bicycling skills like 'quick stops' and hazard avoidance when riding in traffic.

Never Ridden Before Class

In the class that was just for brand new riders, students started by mastering balancing on the bikes without pedals. Once they were able to balance comfortably, the pedals were added back on and students practiced more basics of riding skills in a traffic free environment.

From the students:

"I learned how to ride a bike! I had attempted many times before but thanks to the great instructor I was finally able to." 

"I can now ride a bike!!!!! It was an amazing class, I loved that the instructor targeted to our level and gave us instructions to meet us where we are, challenge us and teach us."


Go By Bike Beginner Class

Learning to ride comfortably on city streets can be barrier for many new riders. By going over traffic rules, and doing drills to perfect shifting gears and hand signals the class attendess were ready to ride with the group on Redmond's streets.


"I never would have tried riding my bike on the road but now I have the courage to do that. I really enjoyed the class and just need to practice the concepts taught in the class more. Thanks for offering the class." 


Urban Cycling Intermediate Class

In the intermediate class, students deepened their skills to safely bike with traffic by learning about where to position yourself in the lane, hands on experience in more advanced bike maneuvers, and got more on road experience to make it fun to pedal in the city on their own.  


"Thank you so much for offering this class. I learned how to bike safely, take my lane, signal, plan for a car cutting me off, and general safety. I ride my bike nearly every day and so many lessons from the class come up."


Classes will return spring of 2018

If you think you may be interested, sign up here and we'll email you first when the new class schedule is posted.


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