Can’t find a ride with iCarpool after work? Have an emergency? Working late? Redmond Real-Time Rideshare Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is your back-up plan. You can receive up to eight Emergency Ride Home promo codes with either Uber or Lyft to use in case of an emergency when you use iCarpool to get to work.

1. Make sure your iCarpool and accounts are linked (in your User Profile). Your accounts must be linked before you can sign up for the Emergency Ride Home program.

2. In your account click on "Commute Services" in the navigation bar. This will take you to the Emergency Ride Home enrollment page.

3. Read through the rules and conditions of Emergency Ride Home , and then click on "Enroll Now."

4. Your name, address, and email should already be filled in, just complete in the rest of the blank spaces (phone number, employer, and commuting habits) and click “Submit Application.” Please Note: It may take 1 to 2 weeks for your ERH enrollment to be approved.

5. Your first Emergency Ride Home promo code will be emailed to you. Save this code in a place that readily accessible in an emergency such as in your wallet, an email or a notes app in your phone. Do not load the promo code into your Uber or Lyft app until immediately before you hail a ride. If you preload your promo code it will be automatically used against your very next Uber or Lyft trip which may be a violation of the program guidelines

6. After using the ERH promo code, request another code by logging in to and Selecting the “Commute Services” tab. Follow the link “Request Emergency Ride Home” link” When prompted, describe when and how you used your LAST ERH code to complete the application, exact details are not required.

7. If you have challenges requesting or using your Emergency Ride Home promo codes through, just email

*”Emergency” means any time when you took an iCarpool ride for your commute to work and cannot find an iCarpool trip home when you need to go home. This may include personal or family illness, working late, etc.