Tips and tricks to stay safe with the end of daylight savings

Daylight savings is ending, and that means it will get darker earlier. With cars less likely to see bikers and pedestrians, utilize these tips and tricks in these darker days.


  1. The flashier, the better: Make sure to wear flashing lights! Please attach it to your jacket, backpack, purse, pants to draw attention to yourself. This can be helpful when waiting at a bust stop to catch a driver's attention. For bikers, Washington law requires a white headlight and a red rear reflector or taillight when cycling in the dark. For the pedestrian, carry a headlamp, or wear flashing safety lights to increase visibility!  
  2. Reflect on that: Wear jackets, vests, caps, gloves, umbrellas, and more with reflective features. Utilize these great options to increase your visibility. 


Check out last year's campaign, "Drive with Care. Walk Aware”, focusing on how both drivers and people walking can behave safely on Redmond roads.