This fall, thousands of students across the country will celebrate International Walk to School Day, happening Wednesday, October 10th. While there are lots of great reasons to walk, roll, or share the ride, check out our top ten.


  1. Good for the environment: Reducing drive-alone trips has a significant positive impact on the local air quality.

  2. Good for your physical health: Walking to and/or home from school is an easy way for children to meet the recommended 60 minutes per day of physical activity.

  3. Get some fresh air: Exposure to nature has been shown to decrease anxiety, and increase attentiveness and happiness, and is a great way to start the school day.

  4. Spend time with friends: Strengthen friendships or make new ones – sharing the trip to school is a creative opportunity to find time in a busy day to spend time together.  

  5. Try something new: Walking and riding a bike are a couple of options for getting to and from school, but riding a scooter, rollerblading, or skateboarding can also be fun and safe with the proper safety gear and practice.

  6. Save money: Walking, rolling, or sharing the ride reduces gas expenses.

  7. Win prizes: Redmond students that participate in the SchoolPool program can earn awesome prizes at the end of the month such as free Redbox rentals, treats from a local bakery, or other great incentives.

  8. Create lifelong healthy habits: Instilling habits while young, such as using walking and biking as a form of transportation, can help set children up to be healthy and active long term.

  9. Safety education opportunity: Walk to School Day is a great opportunity to remind children of safe pedestrian habits. Click here for some helpful reminders and educational videos.  

  10. Role modeling: Parents or older siblings that accompany children on their trip to school can role model safe commuting practices and healthy behaviors.

Thank you to ALL 10 Redmond schools for participating in Walk to School Month this October!

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