Take at least six non-drive alone commutes this month and add to your Go Redmond Calendar, and you'll be entered to win the grand prize drawing!

You choose your commute, now choose your adventure!

What is your ideal adventure? Is it a cruise, a stay on a remote island, ice fishing or attending a big sporting event? Whatever your ideal adventure, one lucky Wheel Options winner will get a $2,500 travel prize to create their own adventure.

The annual Wheel Options campaign runs for the month of October. 

Commute via bicycle, transit, carpool, vanpool, walking and/or telecommuting at least six days in October, and you will save money, cut emissions and reduce congestion – plus you will get the added bonus of being entered to win a customizable adventure! Gift cards and many other great prizes will also be awarded!

Wheel Options encourages employees to reduce their drive-alone trips and explore new ways of getting to work.

One of the benefits of the recent transition to Go Redmond is you can login with your Go Redmond account and your calendar trips will automatically be added to the Wheel Options drawings! 

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Feeling extra-adventurous?

Take and track 12 or more days of Wheel Options commutes and be entered to win an additional $500 travel prize – this prize includes a $400 travel credit and a $100 MasterCard Rewards card.

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