Commute alternatives are making a big difference in Puget Sound.

There's some great new research coming from Sound Transit on the impact all you bus riders are having on our environment & what a positive impact you're having on congestion!

  • Peak period transit ridership on the I-5 corridor in central Puget Sound was equal to nearly five extra lanes of capacity in 2014 (when compared to the peak efficiency of the roadway, which is a conservative approach to this measurement).
  • Transit use during peak periods avoided 456,573 pounds of GHG emissions per day on the I-5 central Puget Sound corridor in 2014, a 27% improvement compared to 2012 (360,624 pounds).
  • Transit routes on I-5 operated between 66% and 112% of their seating capacity during the morning and evening peak periods in 2014; 71% of them were more than 90% full.

If you still think driving alone is your best option, consider this: the 24 miles between Everett & Seattle should take about 30 minutes, but a solo commuter needs to budget 85 minutes to get to work on time.  

Alternatives exist if you don't have access to a good transit route!