Through a grant from Go Redmond, local Redmond businesses were able to expand their bicycle facilities for their visitors!

Go Redmond worked with local businesses to install much needed bike parking at their locations through a grant. 

In all, 30 racks were installed! So the next time you visit any of these places, you can pedal down and know you have a safe place to leave your bike:

  • Bushnell Craft Brewing Company
  • Redmond Center
    • Center Courtyard
    • Pony Express
    • Hobby Town
  • Redmond Cycle
  • Redmond Mall
    • Across from 3 Lions Pub near the Defensive Driving School
  • Redmond Medical Center
  • Redmond Physical Therapy
  • Soul Food Coffee House
  • Village Square
    • Near Hancock's Bakery and Smile Artistry

If your Redmond business, employer, or residential building could use bicycle amenities, check out the Go Redmond grants page!  Straightforward funding is available to enhance transportation access at sites around Redmond!