Ever think about the number of empty seats being driven around every day? What if we could put all that wasted space to use?

Filling up those wasted car seats would dramatically change everyone’s commute – that’s for sure. With fewer cars on the road, we’d all get to our destinations faster. 

Carpooling is a tried and true traffic tamer but many of us just can’t commit to a regular carpool schedule. Sometimes you need to work late and somedays you need to leave work early to get the kids at school.

Old-school carpooling is tricky with a modern schedule but mobile technology is making carpooling easier for those of us with dynamic daily routines.  

Real-Time Ridesharing, or “flexible carpooling” is the next generation of sharing the ride.

By using a smartphone app you can coordinate rides with people going your way in real-time. Apps like the locally-developed iCarpool will not only help you match up with people going your way , it will even split the cost of the ride so you don’t have to carry change.

iCarpool is being piloted in Redmond right now! Download the free app today and get $25 in ride credits using the promo code ICARPOOL.

You can even link your iCarpool account to your Go Redmond account to calendar your trips and earn smart commute rewards!