Our first batch of winners chose their rewards...does it match up with what you'd pick?

We are so excited to be giving more winners more choices with our new monthly drawings. So what are the most popular selections for our winners? 

Two small Seattle businesses, Amazon & Starbucks, reign supreme for our commuters needing gear or to fuel up for their trip.

More than 20% of winners chose to share their reward! Carpoolers requesting gas cards to share with their carpool partners and people wanting to give bus passes to those in need was a popular choice. 

Rounding out the choices was having lunch delivered  from UberEats or Panera on days you can't get out of the office (requested by 5% of winners).

So what would you chose if you won? Only one way to find out! Log your trips to your Commute Calendar be entered to win a Go Redmond Monthly drawing.

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