We collaborated with King County Metro and 80 other local community organizations to increase transportation services and support the needs of our growing region.

We’re excited to see the changes that King County Metro is bringing! Starting March 21, Metro will provide you with more service, increased evening and weekend options, and better connections to Sound Transit Link light rail and RapidRide.

To learn more about what’s changing and to see whether your route is affected, visit:


Also starting March 21, new routes may mean new connections to Sound Transit Link light rail or buses. If you pay cash to ride a Metro bus, your paper transfer will not be accepted on Sound Transit services and you will need to pay separately for that portion of your trip. With an ORCA card you only have to pay the difference between your two fares when you transfer.

New riders can request a free ORCA card from Go Redmond to try transit.

Redmond Changes by Route

  • Revised: 221, DART 930
  • New: 225, 250, ST 544
  • Removed: 238, 243, 244, 248

Redmond Changes by Neighborhood