Yowzers! Go Redmond saw a huge spike in teleworking last month, thanks Snowmaggedon!

The epic snow we had in February made it treacherous to travel.  We heard about hours long driving commutes and even though buses kept rolling it could be hard to get to the bus stop.  But for companies that were prepared with a telework policy, work went right on humming.  

Our Go Redmond telework numbers DOUBLED last month.  More than 8,000 telework trips were added to Go Redmond user's Commute Calendars-saving tons of money, stress, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Now imagine if we could sustain that number of telework trips each month without the snow?  If we could remove all those driving trips to curb congestion for people who have to stay on the roads, reduce local air pollution, and increase your productivity from your home office?  That'd be an even bigger story than the snow storm.

Does your employer need help implementing a telework policy?  Send them these free resources from King County.

Need tips for teleworking effectively?  We got you.