8 Redmond schools participated in Bike to School Month this year, with more than 1,300 students walking, biking, and sharing the ride to school.

Throughout the month of May, five Redmond elementary schools, Audubon, Ben Rush, Horace Mann, Norman Rockwell and Redmond El, two middle schools, Redmond Middle (first time participants) and Rose Hill Middle, and Redmond High (first time participant) participated in the Redmond SchoolPool program. 

The results are in, the chart above illustrates how 1300+ students (staff) traveled to school.

Redmond’s SchoolPool helps reduce traffic and instills in students that biking or walking is a healthy and fun alternative way to travel to school.

Looking forward to October’s Walk to School Month celebration. But first, school is out for the summer, enjoy all that is has to offer.  Get out and ride a bike. Talk a walk on a trail.