Participating students could earn a free bicycle helmet from Redmond Police and Go Redmond.

The Go Redmond SchoolPool program works with 9 schools in Redmond to encourage students and their families to walk, bike and share the ride to get to school.

Students who participated this October could earn a free bike helmet from the Redmond Police Department and Go Redmond. 375 students were fitted for a new bike helmet and got a lesson in how to properly wear a helmet for maximum protection from Redmond Police Volunteers.  


If you didn't get to participate with Redmond SchoolPool this October, helmets are available for all ages from the Redmond Police Department for $10.

In all, 1,894 students reduced more than 35,000 drive alone trips in 1 month!  The most popular mode was the school bus, followed by walking, carpooling, and then bikes.  The next SchoolPool promotion will be in May for Bike Month when all those helmets will get