A guide to getting your Redmond Real-Time Rideshare Rewards

Redmond Real-Time Rideshare is a new carpooling program for commuters in Southeast Redmond and the Willows Road corridor. Use the iCarpool app to find a carpool on the fly while saving money on your commute plus get the chance to earn great rewards:


  • $25 iCarpool ride credits just for downloading the app!
  • $100 in rewards for Drivers! Drivers can earn a $25 gift card or iCarpool ride credits after you give your first ride, and $25 gift card or iCarpool ride credits for every additional five trips you provide to fellow commuters (up to 15 trips).
  • $75 in rewards for Riders! For every eight real-time rideshare trips you take you’ll be offered a $25 gift card or iCarpool ride credits, (up to a maximum of 24 trips).


See attached for details on how to get started today.