New year, new transit changes!

A new year means new public transportation changes! 


A 2021 Service Plan was released by Sound Transit, describing 13 significant service changes in March of 2021 and eight significant service changes for implementation in September of 2021. Sound Transit created the 2021 Service Plan in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 


When the pandemic began in the Spring of 2020, reduced ridership, operator shortages, and declining revenue required a series of emergency service reductions. As ridership increased, Sound Transit restored some service in the Summer and at the September 2020 Service Change.


Changes will occur as soon as March. Below are changes that may directly affect Redmond commuters and residents:


  • Route 542’s last stop will be at U-District Station 
  • Route 541, 544 will continue to be suspended, and alternatives include route 542, or route 545


To learn more about the 2021 Service plan changes visit the Sound Transit website