We love our cars and the freedom that comes with driving alone. We fanaticize about taking the wheel and driving out on the wide open road. In reality, however, car ownership isn’t free or freeing at all!

Between traffic, repair bills, fuel costs, stress, and depreciation, the cost of owning a car adds up quickly.

According to the AAA, the real yearly cost of owning a mid-size sedan in 2015 was about $8,716 (assuming the car is driven 15,000 miles annually). A breakdown of that amount includes:

  • $2,577 in operating costs:
    • $1,631 in gas
    • $819 for maintenance
    • $166 for tires
  • $6,139 in non-operating costs:
    • $1,106 for insurance (full coverage)
    • $671 for license, registration, and taxes
    • $3,687 in annual depreciation
    • And $687 in finance charges (if applicable)


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