This February your non-drive alone trips don't just help the environment, but Redmond residents in need!

Update: You took over 60K trips this month! Because of you, nearly 10k bus trips will be donated to Redmond community members in need.  Thank you!

After housing, transportation is the second highest household cost in this area.  In fact, studies show that reliable access to transportation is a critical component to helping end poverty.

By providing affordable transit options, agencies can reduce cost burdens for low-income households. Furthermore, access to transit can help people experiencing homelessness get to their jobs and needed services. 

43K Trips Reduced = 7K Bus Trips Donated

For the month of February, we’ve set a goal of reaching 43,000 non-drive alone trips! Add all of your bike, walk, transit, carpool and vanpool trips to your Commute Calendar and if our Go Redmond community can reach this goal, we’ll donate 7,000 bus trips to Redmond community members in need.

You can find out more about how you can volunteer with or donate to programs in our community or read more about Redmond’s Task Force on Homelessness.

Bus passes will be donated by Go Redmond through Redmond Human Services.  These passes will be distributed to local non-profit agencies serving individuals and families who may need a range of human services, such as shelter, affordable child care, or job assistance.  To respond to recommendations coming out of Redmond’s Task Force on Homelessness, priority will be given to agencies serving homeless individuals in our community.

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