You can add to your commute calendar to earn rewards and see your impact from your phone!

Step 1: Navigate to from your smart phone and click "Sign In" from the menu on the top right

Step 2: Login to your Go Redmond & Rideshare Online account 

Step 3: Click on "Calendar" from the menu in the top right

Step 4: Select your commute mode type from the drop down menu (carpool, bus, bike, etc.) 

Note: If you have a Trip Log Template set up, you will be asked to confirm any trips that you've taken but haven't yet been added to the calendar.


Step 5: Select your commute details from the drop down menu

Step 6: Select the days on the calendar that you took that commute mode and click "Log Trip"

You'll get a message letting you know your trips were added.  The trips you've added to the calendar will be listed on the bottom of the page.