Commuters coming into Redmond should check out the new iCarpool app for flexible carpooling options.

Curious about the iCarpool App? Try it free!

Find a ride when you need one with the free iCarpool app. New users will get a free $25 in ride credits when you download the app (and use the promocode ICARPOOL).  That's nearly 100 miles of free commuting.


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​How it Works:

  1. Tell the app where you want to go 

    • Enter your commute information up to one hour before you want to leave.
  2. Review your matching carpools

    • No matches?  The "carpool kitty" will remember your search and will notify you when there is a new match!
    • You can "teach the kitty" by running searches on days and times you would normally commute.
  3. Book your ride & head to the pick up spot

    • Choose which car and driver you'd like to share the commute with.
  4. Hop in!

    • Show the driver your boarding pass and get in the car.
    • Your safety is iCarpool's top priority.  Check out all the ways they're committed to keeping users safe.
  5. Enjoy the ride

    • Let other riders know about your experience by rating your driver at the end of the trip.
    • Your payment is calculated and paid through the app.

Work on Willows Road or in SE Redmond?

You're a part of the Redmond Real-Time Rideshare Network and are eligible for additional incentives and promotions like Emergency Ride Home Credits.

Link your iCarpool account to your  Go Redmond account on Rideshare Online to see your eligible rewards.