What's the difference between these programs, and how do you know which networks you are a part of?

There are a number of programs that use the same software system as Go Redmond-including Rideshare Online and Wheel Options.  

All of the networks you are eligible for "talk" to one another, so no matter where you login, when you log your trips on any one of these calendars it will automatically populate to trips taken on the other networks. This is because all of these networks share the same "back end" calendar and rewards system.

This is great news because you only have to log in to one of these places, and your trips will count towards incentives being offered in any of the networks you are eligible for.

How Your Networks are Determined

You are automatically enrolled in some networks based on your geographic location-ie where you live and work- which you provide when you enroll.

Your employer may have set up enrollment in their network based on your work email (alias@YourWork.com).  They may also have a passcode or way for you to request permission to join the network.  It's best to ask your Employee Transportation Coordinator for specifics.

See What Networks You are a Part of 

  • Login to your Go Redmond account and click on "Profile/My Networks"

  • The networks you are enrolled in will show up.  

Join a Network


  • Don't see a network you want to be a part of? Click "Join Network" and search for the name of the network.  When the network shows up click "Select" and then request to join.

Overview of  Popular Networks


Network Description

Known For

Network Enrollment Based on

Network Hierarchy 

Rideshare Online

Washington and Idaho's commute trip reduction program. Finding ridematches and the overall system Go Redmond uses. Where you live or work State

Wheel Options

WSDOT's campaign to encourage driving less. Annual state-wide promotion in October.  Some quarterly regional promotions. Where you live or work State

King County Metro Transit

King County's Commute Trip Reduction program Monthly rewards for carpoolers and King County Metro vanpoolers. Where you live or work County

Communities in Motion

Communities along the I-405 Corridor (including Redmond) Information and promotions related to reducing trips on 405 such as Emergency Ride Home Credits. Where you live or work Regional

Go Redmond

The City of Redmond's Commute Trip Reduction Program. Monthly rewards for all commute modes, Redmond specific commute information, and more. Where you live or work City


Some employers have a presence on the system and a network just for employees.  Varies-there may be specific promotions for your worksite, information about parking, etc. Employer email, passcode, or by requesting permission from the network administrator. Employer

Redmond SchoolPool

Select schools in Redmond Promotions to encourage families to not drive alone to school in October and May. Student who attends a Redmond SchoolPool school, must request to join or use the school's passcode. Enrollment in the school verified. Schools

Other Cities & Networks

Bellevue (On the Move Bellevue), Kirkland (Kirkland Green Trips), Community Transit (Curb the Congestion), and others all have a presence on the network.   Varies Where you live or work Varies