Snow and ice in the Seattle forecast can cause major traffic issues.

Winter Driving Tips for Your Carpool or Vanpool:

  • Make sure you have traction tires with sufficient tread.
  • Check weather forecasts and state highway reports.
  • Scrape all windows, including corner areas that windshield wipers miss.
  • Allow extra room to stop-a 10 to 15 second following distance is recommended.
  • Tap your brakes to prevent sliding.
  • If your backwheels begin to skid, turn INTO the skid (ie steer to the same side the back end of the car is sliding towards).
  • During a front-wheel skid, straighten the steering wheel
  • Do not use cruise control.
  • Keep fuel tank full and cellphone charged.
  • Carry flares, jumper cables, water, a first-aid kit and other essentials.
  • Watch a video to learn how to install tire chains or practice fastening tire chains before driving.
  • Avoid overdependence on GPS. Observe the actual street conditions, warnings and closure signs.
  • Bridges will be slipperier than surface pavement.

If you don't need to drive, stay off the road!  A snowy day is a perfect day to telecommute or ride the bus to work!

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