Even more options connecting the eastside to Seattle for your commute.

The new trail will allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross the 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, completely separated from vehicle traffic. 

The 14' wide trail is designed for users of all abilities.  The trail also has 11 different viewpoints for trail users to take a break and enjoy the scenery of the Lake Washington.  

The trail is a welcome addition to bicycle commuters.  In the past, cyclists would either need to ride around the lake, go south to I-90, or load their bike on a bus to cross the bridge.According to the Seattle Bike Blog "Bicycle travel times between many parts of Seattle and major Eastside communities will be slashed. Biking from UW to downtown Kirkland, for example, will be cut in half. Instead of an hour and a half (including some serious hills), the 520 Bridge Trail will allow people to casually make the trip in just 45 relatively flat minutes."

Some early feedback is that the cover plates on the bridge’s expansion joints cause a “bump” when bikes cross them, so riders are urged to use caution when riding over the cover plates.

More Information on Trail from WSDOT

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