Keep riding with other professionals to work for $1 this summer. Or pick someone up and earn $0.58/mile.


To help reduce traffic and improve your commutes, Go Redmond is partnering with Waze Carpool, offering $1 carpool rides to and from Willows Rd. Take a fun, inexpensive, and faster way to get to work. Get started by joining our Waze Carpool / Willows Rd Carpoolers Group.

With Waze Carpool, drivers and riders are always in control — you choose who’s in your car, and what days you carpool. Want to carpool just once a week? Or drive on Mondays, but ride on Tuesdays? It’s up to you!


Get Started:

Step 1: Download Waze App to Drive, or Waze Carpool App to Ride:


 Step 2: Add your work email address to your profile to better match with co-workers.

 Step 3: Check out the best matches on your route and begin to offer/request a few rides!

 Tip: Be sure to send multiple offers. If you don’t see an ideal match, check back in a day or two when even more people have signed up.


Learn More: 

The Waze support center has answers to more than 50 different Carpool questions.