Common sense and courtesy will help the e-scooter pilot run smoothly in Redmond.

Go Slow

Lime e-scooters have a top speed of 14.8 miles per hour.  However, in busy areas you'll want to go slower for everyone's safety and comfort.

Bring a Helmet

Keep a helmet at your desk or in your backpack so you're ready to ride. Need a helmet? The Redmond Police Department sells $10 helmets.

Use the Bell

These e-scooters are a quiet ride.  Let people know you're approaching them with a quick ring of the bell on the left handlebar or a friendly "on your left" as a courtesy.

Ride on Trails & Bike Lanes

Keep scooter share fun and safe by riding in bicycle lanes, on City of Redmond trails, or in the roadway. Please help support Redmond as a great place to walk by avoiding riding scooters on sidewalks.

Park with Courtesy

Keep our sidewalks accessible to everyone! When you park the scooter, make sure there is a clear path for anyone walking, using a stroller, in a wheelchair, or with sight impairments.


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