Just by carpooling to work, one single commuter can reduce over 4 tons of CO2 emissions in a year.

The iCarpool app is taking carpooling to the next level by making it viable for commuters who can't commit to a fixed schedule every day. 

iCarpool is committed to making carpooling super easy and flexible so that you can carpool whenever you have empty seats in your car.

We've made progress and instant carpool matches have started out but we need to convert more matches into rides.

Help Improve Matching on Corridors You Travel

iCarpool needs data that will allow them to identify corridors you travel so they can promote the app to riders along those corridors. 

Help improve matching along the corridors you travel by opening the iCarpool app on Earth Day April 22nd and searching for or offering a ride.

Give it a try on days your Bus / Carpool / Vanpool doesn't work

Missed your bus? Can't make it to your vanpool because of the dentist? Working late so you need another way to get back? Whatever your reason, the next time you need a ride, try the iCarpool mobile app.

The app connects you with verified drivers your neighbors and colleagues going the same way. There's no commitment each carpool is for a single trip.

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Download today to receive $25 in free ride credits using the promo code ICARPOOL25


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