It's been quite a year for Go Redmond because of YOUR participation!

New name, new platform, new incentives, and new milestones!  Go Redmond had a huge year in 2015.

Because of participants like you, we're having a real, positive, and measurable impact on the environment in Redmond and beyond.  

Days you didn't drive alone to work kept more than 289,000 gallons of gasoline from being burned. That's equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 2,108 acres of forest land!  

Of the half million commutes you took in 2015, the most popular mode was on transit, followed closely by carpooling.  

2015 was also the first year we measured teleworking, and it's clearly an increasingly popular work option with more than 44K telework trips added to your commute calendar.

Not driving alone to work also saved our users over $2.1 million dollars-and that's not including the potential incentives you might have won.

2016: New Year, New Commute

If your New Year's Resolution is to save money, help the environment, or reduce your stress just look to your commute to see how that can help you achieve your goals.  Go Redmond staff is available to help you find a bus route, carpool or vanpool partner with our Personalized Commute Plan.  

If you're want to try taking the bus or vanpooling in 2016, Go Redmond has special subsidies just for you.