After the initial launch in Redmond, iCarpool is incorporating user feedback to improve the app. Sign up as a rider and earn $25 in ride credits!

From iCarpool:

Our first launch was on November 2nd in select areas in Redmond and Kirkland. We've had a lot of excitement as matches started happening and we had instant carpooling in action. Our first launch also gave us some learning.

The number of commuter drivers that have signed up with iCarpool and are looking to share their commute trips has exceeded our expectation. It's clear we need more riders in the system. We also received valuable feedback from many of you who have been engaged with our first launch. 

Our current focus is to grow our rider base, make app updates and incorporate your feedback into our app updates. This effort will take a few weeks. Once we're ready, we'll launch with an updated app and we will extend the launch to additional areas. 

What we're working on 

iCarpool is not a taxi or a ride for hire app. You won't see cars moving on a map that you can request to come to you. When you search, you will find a match if there's somebody going the same way at the same time. iCarpool drivers are your colleagues and neighbors who are looking to share their commute trips.

When you search you may see our cat which means there's no carpool we can match at that time. Last month, we rolled out a feature which allows you to teach the app which carpool matches you are interested in.

We heard from you that you really like this feature and you'd like to have tools to make this feature even more useful. We're working hard on updates to this feature, improved matching and coordination.

How you can help 

  • Use the ICARPOOL25 promo code in the app to get $25 ride credits and keep your account ready for booking a ride. 
  • Improve your profile. Use the Profile screen in the app to set your profile picture and your employer.

Our next launch will be in a few weeks. Stay tuned so you know when we're launching again

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