May is Bike Everywhere Month, and communities across the state are coming together to support, encourage, and celebrate all things bicycling.

From Cascade Bike Club:

Registration is now open for the Washington Bikes 2019 Bike Everywhere Challenge, which runs during Bike Everywhere Month, May 1 to 31. Sign up, ride solo or form a team, and compete for bragging rights and prizes. You can even connect through your organization or company for more opportunities to challenge yourself and others throughout May.

Take the Bike Everywhere Challenge

We've partnered again with Love to Ride, so all the key aspects of the challenge will remain the same

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Leaderboards are based on a point system composed of a combination of trips taken, days with trips logged, miles ridden, and encouragements.
  • You can ride solo or join a team. Teams are capped at 10 people, but there is no limit on the number of teams per organization or company.
  • You and your team can win more points by encouraging others to ride, and new riders are awarded even more points for trips, miles, and days. The more new riders on your team the better!
  • You can now filter team and individual leaderboards by county so communities across Washington can compete with their neighbors.
  • Teams can be associated with a “Team Type” which includes clubs, groups of friends, and industry types. This means you can see how your team stacks up against similar groups of people.
  • Teams can also be associated with an “Organization” (like a work place) so that you can filter the leaderboards and see only teams associated with that organization

Check out the About and FAQ sections of the Bike Everywhere Challenge site for more info.


Resources to get your team together

After years of running challenges, Washington Bikes relies on team captains and motivated team members to get their teams riding and competing for victory. Utilize our Team Captains Toolkit and WorkPlace Toolkit for help to get your community stoked and ready to compete for victory.

Info for Organizers

Sign up is pretty much the same as last year, but here are just a few reminders for past Challenge vets and new Captains of existing teams.

  1. If you've signed up a team in the past, you will need to re-register your team for the 2019 Bike Month Challenge.
  2. If you are the new Challenge Captain for an existing organization, make sure you switch the "Champion" designation from the old captain to your profile.  
  3. When teams are created they can associate with an organization (clubs, businesses, community groups, etc.) and counties which will be listed in a drop down menu. If you don’t see your organization listed you can add it by clicking “Create New Organization.”

    Here is a cool video showing you how to do it.
  4. Rather than organizations having their own page, there will now be a filter on the leaderboards. You can view teams associated with your organizations by selecting your organization from the drop down menu on the teams leaderboard.

Want to get more out of the challenge for your organization? For more info about paid options that allow for a full data roll-up, messaging participants in your organization, creating custom marketing, and seeing real time stats, please email