Together we kept 5.3 million pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Commuter's Favorite Ways to Travel:

Almost half of our user's trips are coming in on the bus, with carpooling trips taking up the next highest percent of trips.













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Miles Traveled By Mode:

Our vanpoolers are coming longer distances in those comfy seats, avoiding all the wear and tear on their own vehicles. 


Top Home Cities for Carpools and Vanpools Coming to Redmond:

Is your hometown in the top 15?  That might mean there's a good match for a carpool or vanpool waiting for you!

1 Redmond
2 Seattle
3 Bothell
4 Kirkland
5 Bellevue
6 Sammamish
7 Everett
8 Renton
9 Lynnwood
10 Woodinville
11 Issaquah
12 Kent
13 Maple Valley
14 Auburn
15 Monroe


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Money and Emissions Savings 

From 2018, check out the data about how many pounds of CO2 users kept from going into the atmosphere, and how many dollars they kept in their pocket!

Commute Mode
CO2 Emissions Saved (LBS)
Dollars Saved
 $        518,837.44
 $        596,868.23
Telework/CWW     1,125,917  $        423,795.33
 $        383,442.21
 $        207,119.93
 $          12,710.77
TOTAL  5,310,400  $2,142,773.91
Average Savings Per User               687  $               277.35


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