Redmond City Council is considering action this spring, which if approved, is anticipated to enable bike share to launch in early summer 2018.

Take the City of Redmond Questionnaire about Bike Share

The City of Redmond is considering a bike share pilot program. Under the current concept being considered, the city would regulate bike share through a right-of-way use permit which contains conditions the company must follow to operate, and continue to operate in Redmond.

The permit requirements are in consideration and some areas of focus are:

  • limiting the number of bikes allowed in Redmond and subareas
  • responsiveness to citizen complaints
  • moving any bicycles that are a nuisance, a hazard, or in a walkway
  • bicycle maintenance
  • remedies to address the above issues

Bikes would be available for anyone in the public to use through a smart phone app.  The app is used to find bikes, unlock a bicycle, and pay for rides (certain companies offer the first ride for free).

For commuters, bike share may provide the 'first/last mile connection'. Bike share could provide bicycles near offices and transit stops which can reduce the first/last mile trip time to 5 or 10 minutes. This will make transit time competitive with a car for certain trips thereby improving travel choices.

It may also reduce the need for car trips: the average trip length for all trips in Redmond is 2.2 miles or approximately a 15-minute bicycle ride.

Give your feedback on bike share through the questionnaire here, or learn more at the City of Redmond website.