Make your car a relic by driving less! You'll save gas, money, and the environment.

Trip Chaining:

Combining multiple errands into one trip saves time

  • Think of all the errands you have to do in the week-grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, taking the kids to karate lessons-and see if you can combine these trips on the same day. 
  • Pick up that night's groceries when you run to lunch.  It'll save you time and get you home in the evening faster.
  • Group your appointments: Can you combine you and your child's dentists appointments on the same day?

Park Once & Walk:

Parking in a central area and walk between stores instead of moving your vehicle

  • You'll help reduce congestion by not searching for parking 
  • Keep your car from taking short trips-the least efficient trips your car makes-which reduces local air pollution and saves gas
  • Get a little more exercise in your day and enjoy our walkable downtown shopping areas
  • Redmond's Central Connector Parking Lot/Sky Painting has free parking for four hours and easy access to downtown shops, restaurants, grocery stores and the Redmond Town Center.

Share the Ride:

Carpooling isn't just for your commute, share the ride for other trips as well

  • Going out to dinner or meeting your book club?  Offer to pick up friends along the way.
  • Share the soccer practice duties with other families.  It'll save you time and reduce the number of cars making their way to 60 acres.
  • Sharing the ride reduces congestion and cuts pollution emissions.  Not only is it more efficient, it's more fun and less stressful!

Swap One Trip

You don't have to give up your car all at once!

  • Before a trip ask "Do I need to drive there?" and see if it would be possible to catch the bus, share the ride, or hop on your bike.
  • Small changes add up! You may find it's easier than you thought and really enjoy your new 'car-lite' lifestyle.
  • Look at your schedule for opportunities to try a different commute.  Maybe Wednesdays you have more flexibility and could take the bus.  Or Thursdays are great days for telecommuting.  Every trip not taken by driving alone has a positive impact! 

Set SMART Goals

 Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Time-bound goals for reducing your car dependency

  • A SMART goal could be as simple as reducing 2 car trips a week with a more efficient mode or planning to grocery shop just once a week (with only 1 car trip instead of multiple).  
  • Be realistic about your schedule and skills-don't take on a 30 mile bike ride 5 times a week unless you're ready!
  • Track your progress against your goal with your Go Redmond calendar-you can track commutes and personal trips.